Rev. Michael Bittle Weddings
 Your minister will be the least expensive part of your special day. So choose one who will help make the day fun and memorable.

  Weddings should be fun.
The Rev. Michael Bittle believes weddings should be fun for the bride and groom, and their families and friends. 
  Weddings should be memorable. Are you planning a special theme? Or a special location (your home, reception hall, outdoors, on a boat, somewhere else)? Would you like some suggestions? Michael has done it all!

is an experienced, humorous, wedding officiant who enjoys marrying couples in all types of places, and more. He usually performs about 50 weddings a year, and testimonials from couples he has married just rave about how wonderful he was in their wedding.
Michael is the minister who performed the first wedding in the Frankenstein House of Horrors in Niagara Falls! He also stepped in to perform a ceremony replacing a Roman Catholic priest in an Roman Catholic Church in Mississauga. He has performed weddings in the middle of Hamilton Harbour, in Lake Ontario,  on golf courses, in backyards, restaurants, parks, driveways - you name it! He has been just about everywhere and done just about everything when it comes to weddings! Are you looking for a fun and memorable venue - then look no further than the Grand River Dinner Cruises - get married in an intimate setting while you cruise the Grand River. Get married in a unique venue - and save a lot of $$ at the same time. (Michael loves doing weddings while cruising the Grand River!)
"A wedding ceremony should be fun and stress-free for the bride and groom, and for their family and friends. And there should be some spiritual element during the ceremony; otherwise, why get married?"
Working with you, Michael will customize your wedding service to make sure your ceremony reflects your needs and your personalities. Unity Sand/Candle Ceremonies, hand-fasting, rose ceremony, special readings, and more, are just some of his suggestions. Like almost all clergy in Canada, Michael's denomination does not permit him to perform LGBTQ2+ weddings. And he DOES NOT perform Civil Ceremonies - he is a Christian Minister so there must be some reference to a Higher Power (whom he chooses to call God) - even if it is just a blessing over the rings.
Spiritual, non-denominational weddings, multi-cultural ceremonies (Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Celtic, Filipino, Newfoundlanders), and Catholic-style services are a specialty. 'Friends of Bill W.' are especially welcome. He also performs "mixed" weddings between individuals who are Jewish, Anglican, Muslim/Catholic, Sikh/Muslim, Filipino Catholic, Christian/Buddhist, Hindu/Christian, Catholic/Protestant/Agnostic/Reformed, and more. He has also performed weddings involving languages other than English, including French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Hebrew, Cantonese and Japanese. He is a great believer in showing respect to the cultures and beliefs of those who have gone before us.

His typical fee for a wedding is $ 400 in the Greater Hamilton/Haldimand/Halton areas. Your minister will be the least expensive part of your special day - so choose one who will help make the day fun and memorable.

Please contact Michael to discuss your ideas for your Special Day.

The Rev. Michael Bittle
Hamilton ON


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